National Community Leader

Push your own limits and help others push theirs as you help make Internet history. Metro Internets in smart gigabit cities will permit applications and services that are ultra-responsive, that operate in sync with the real-world, that are designed to serve the Internet of Things, that leverage big data, and that provide a degree of […]

Come Help Us Make a Better Network

Come join us! US Ignite is seeking to hire two dynamic and motivated new team members: a National Community Leader and a National Technical Leader. These two new rock stars will support the implementation of a National Science Foundation-funded leading-edge project, announced last week at the White House, to develop and deploy the novel smart-city-centric […]

Thank You, Jake

We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the death of Jake Brewer this weekend. Like so many other organizations, we owe Jake a huge debt of gratitude for the work he did to help launch US Ignite. Jake started working with the organization before it had a name, and he helped create the […]


$6 Million in funding from National Science Foundation Project to jumpstart a critical mass of smart city gigabit applications in 15 communities September 14, 2015 (Washington, DC) — Today, US Ignite is excited to announce that it has been awarded a $6 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to build a living lab […]

Google Mows My Lawn

The grand prize winner of $500 cash at the StartFEST Gigabit Hackathon Presented by Google Fiber DevMountain in Provo today was Team “Google Mows My Lawn.” The team members were brothers Doug, Dan, and David Leonard. They modified a Kyobi electric lawn mower by adding two smartphones and computer-driven wheels so that the mower […]