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Our online Hubs provide the perfect opportunity for you to get more involved in our community by learning and sharing relevant information about next-generation technologies. Our Hubs have been designed so members can share resources, expertise, events, applications and more. If you don’t see a community hub listed that meets your needs, go ahead and create your own in just a few simple steps.


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Cleveland, OH

Smart Gigabit Communities In collaboration with US Ignite, DigitalC Impact Pitch is a reverse pitch contest that supports the development of community innovations and applications across high-speed networks ...

Burlington, VT

Smart Gigabit Communities NEW ENGLAND'S GIGABIT CITY - BTV Ignite is the name of the Burlington-US Ignite partnership. BTV Ignite encourages public, private and academic institutions to develop ...

San Leandro, CA

San Leandro’s gigabit community efforts are led by Lit San Leandro, a public-private partnership conceived by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy is a ...

San Diego, CA

Smart Gigabit Communities

Washington, DC

Smart Gigabit Communities

Albuquerque, NM

Smart Gigabit Communities

Phoenix, AZ

Smart Gigabit Communities

Madison, WI

Smart Gigabit Communities


Smart Gigabit Communities

Austin, TX

Smart Gigabit Communities

Jackson, TN

Smart Gigabit Communities

Pasco County Florida

US Ignite Next Gen Apps Pasco County is the first planned "Smart Gigabit Community" in the country.