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Recap of the 2014 US Ignite Application Summit: Demos, Panels, Keynotes, and More

This year’s Application Summit (#appsummit14) was better than ever! We brought together our community for three days, where we experienced transformative applications, heard and participated in engaging panels and keynotes, and made numerous connections that will strengthen communities and teams across the country and around the world.

This year’s Summit highlighted the growth of our community and the evolution of next-generation applications from idea to execution. We have done our best to highlight the many things that took place during the event below, but you can learn more by visiting Facebook, Twitter, Storify, and Slideshare.

Tuesday, June 24th – Kick-off and BarCamp

To kick off App Summit ‘14 (#appsummit14), our own Glenn Ricart gave a great overview of US Ignite and the work we do to foster the development and deployment of next-generation applications. This introduction was followed by BarCamp sessions facilitated by both Glenn and Will Barkis. The two did a great job of getting the crowd excited and ready to share their thoughts on the future of technology.

Those that didn’t join us at BarCamp were able to attend a workshop lead by Extreme Network’s Bithika Khargharia. During the workshop, attendees were provided all the tools they would need to participate in the Extreme Innovation Challenge, which launched at the Summit. This challenge is a joint partnership between Extreme Networks and US Ignite to provide opportunities for anyone working with public sector apps that utilize SDN. You can learn more about the challenge here.

Wednesday, June 25th – Demos, Panels, and Sector Roundtables

The day began with a high-energy greeting from Mike Marcellin, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Juniper Networks. Mike set the tone for the rest of the day, where we were able to experience truly transformative next-generation applications. On stage were apps using big data like Thrive, Cyber Security as a Service and a new video search tool by ICSI.

This was followed by a futuristic presentation by Children’s Mercy Hospital with Briefcase Health and SightDeck, who are using advanced technologies to close the distance with their telepresence app. The next apps presented were just as amazing. Software Lending library uses new technologies to help close the digital divide by creating a way for individuals to check out software that they may not have access otherwise. We also witnessed how Collaborative Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator for Orthopedics Surgery can make a big difference for patients in terms of visualizing and receiving care. Finally, we got to see Virtual World Framework: A Foundation for the Augmented Conversations. Virtual Worlds are changing the face of education and we got to see how in the demo which showed us that students can solve problems on faraway planets, including Mars.

The day was not complete without a trip through our App Expo, where attendees had the opportunity to experience everything from instant translation via Project Babble to an instant wireless network created via drones (see the photo above). We were blown away by all the hard-work and creativity of the expo teams and look forward to seeing the progress these applications will make in the next year!

After the App Expo, US Ignite’s Bill Wallace lead an engaging community panel, which you can see above. The panel discussed the power of next-generation networks and the impact they are having on communities around the country. This was a great opportunity for our newer communities to hear about successes, as well as lessons learned on bringing and utilizing a high-speed network to a community.

Closing out the day were sector roundtables, where we organized ourselves according to interest group, and talked about challenges and opportunities not only in next-generation technology, but also in our communities. This led to great information sharing and networking among the groups. Below is a photograph of the breakout session focused on health.

Thursday, June 26th: Keynotes, Demos, and Panels

All good things must come to an end! Our final day at the Summit did not disappoint.

Early in the day, we heard about the future of SDN from Larry Peterson of On.lab (above) along with key announcements about the Extreme Networks Innovation Challenge and the launch of Orange Silicon Valley’s (OSV) Orange Gigabit Studio. You heard it from us first!

The keynote for the morning was a Q&A interview between the FCC’s Gigi Sohn,Special Counsel for External Affairs and TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm. The spirited interview provided the audience with important insights on the future of broadband policy and the impact of high-speed networks.

We then had the opportunity to hear from the Gigabots, Augmented Reality Tools for Improved Training of First Responders, and Fitnet. These applications along with Interactive Interface for Remote Physical Therapy and SeaCat: SDN showed the power of advanced wireless and its potential affect on individuals and communities.

Since engaging developers is at the heart of creating next-generation applications, Glenn Ricart moderated a session that provided insights from both developers and communities on how to engage with a new kind of developer, one that is no longer constrained by bandwidth. This diverse panel brought together their distinct work experiences to provide the audience with key takeaways.

Rounding out the applications demos shown at this year’s Summit were apps that focused on Cyberphysical systems, including Paradrop which gives users the ability to utilize SDN and create their own home cloud. The Secure-Wams demo app showed demonstrated that SDN can be used to control and power the next-generation of power grids. Last but not least was the SigFox demo, Long-distance battery-powered sensors for the Internet of Things.

To close out the Summit, attendees had the opportunity to hear from both next-generation apps teams and investors on how to attract investments to launch their applications. This panel was an opportunity for the community to see beyond testing and explore possibilities for increasing interest and growth of applications.

We had a fantastic time at the event and we hope you did too! We want to thank all our demonstrators, speakers and participants who played a part in the 2014 application summit in Sunnyvale. We also want to send a special thank you to all of our sponsors. We could not have done it without you! We appreciate all your hard work and support that makes #appsummit14 possible.