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A new research paper by Pew Research Internet Project looks at the possibilities of the next leap in connectivity, asking thousands of experts and Internet builders to share their thoughts about likely new Internet activities and applications that might emerge in the gigabit age. US Ignite’s own Joe Kochan provided his thoughts around the “coming age of vivid telepresence.”

In the paper, 1,464 respondents provide insight into how technology applications may be developed due to bandwidth increases in the US between now and 2025. Of these respondents, 86% answered that they believed new tech applications will accompany fast bandwidth speeds.

Some of the major application themes include collaboration through vivid telepresence, augmented realities and simulated environments, tighter connections between machines and humans (integrated, personalized information environments), and expanded services in economic and social sectors, particularly health, medicine, and education fields. US Ignite works to support these next-generation applications that use advanced networks like, Collaborative Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator for Orthopedic Surgery, Augmented Reality Tools for Improved Training of First Responders, and THRIVE: Timely Health indicators using Remote sensing Innovation for the Vitality of the Environment, all of which help individuals and communities receive essential services, faster and more efficiently.

How else can people benefit from a gigabit network? David Weinberger, an expert in the Pew study, and a senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet Society, predicts, “There will be full, always-on, 360-degree environmental awareness, a semantic overlay on the real world, and full-presence massive open online courses. Plus Skype won’t break up nearly as much.”

Of vivid telepresence, Joe Kochan, the CEO of US Ignite, stated:
“Widely-available gigabit broadband connections will usher in the Internet of two-way, persistent, high-quality video to replace today’s Internet of images, text, and recorded video. Your interactions with doctors, educators, merchants, and others will consist not of emailed forms or pre-recorded messages, but instead of instantaneous, life-like video interaction that requires no setup or configuration.”

We are already seeing this new technology at work in Gigabit communities across the country, including Kansas City, Chattanooga, TN, Red Wing, MN, Burlington, VT, and recently, Flint, MI, to name a few. Top innovators working to bring high-speed broadband to companies with robust Internet traffic include Google and Verizon. US Ignite is proud to be partnered with the Mozilla Gigabit Foundation, Cisco, ATT, Juniper Networks, the Gig City Chattanooga TN, ATC Communications, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Comcast, and the Orange Gigabit Lab to name a few. Applications showcasing themes summarized in the Pew Internet research paper were demonstrated last summer at the US Ignite Application Summit in Sunnyvale, CA.

We look forward to the dawning age of gigabit connectivity and the opportunities and innovations in US Ignite sectors of public safety, health, education, and business that will certainly accompany it.

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