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San Leandro Story

“It’s a city of 85,000 residents in the San Francisco/Bay Area’s East Bay, and it’s about to enter the future.”

That’s the opening text on gigabit internet provider Lit San Leandro’s website, and it’s true. Already boasting great public transportation and access to two major airports, San Leandro is only a 30 minute drive from Silicon Valley.

But it’s not just an extension of Silicon Valley. San Leandro is its own city, with its own attributes. Kraft, Ghirardelli and Otis Spunkmeyer all have their corporate headquarters in San Leandro. And there are hopes to build on that list: nearly a quarter of San Leandro is zoned for commercial or industrial use. 

“The city has always believed industrial land is important to jobs,” said Cynthia Battenberg, San Leandro’s business-development manager, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.   

Their new internet, powered by Lit San Leandro, is a state of the art fiber-optic loop capable of 10 gigabits per second internet speeds.

While San Leandro’s fiber optic needs may be modest today, “you build it for where you’re going, not where you’ve been,” said Patrick Kennedy, who helped found Lit San Leandro and local software company OSIsoft, in a Wall Street Journal article.

Similar to another partner city, Lake Nona, after a billion dollar investment by Kaiser Permanente, San Leandro will soon have its own world class medical center.

In an interview with The Atlantic Cities the Mayor of San Leandro praised the work being done by Lit San Leandro and Mr. Kennedy: “There’s a tremendous tech boom that’s happening in pockets of the Bay Area. We’re laying the infrastructure, literally, for San Leandro to be able to tap into that.”

To learn more about San Leandro, and how it’s using next-generation technologies to transform itself into an innovation and technology- driven economy, check out their video series on YouTube.