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Next Gen Networks

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Maximize potential of the national testbed network to support advanced applications

The US Ignite Initiative will assist GENI—the Global Environment for Network Innovation (funded by the National Science Foundation as a virtual laboratory for exploring future internets at scale) in expansion of its national testbed network by:

  • Stitching together campuses and islands of advanced-technology infrastructure to allow pre-commercial, next-generation applications to be demonstrated.
  • Peering communities that have already deployed 100Mbps or more symmetrical service to consumers, small businesses, and/or anchor institutions.
  • Leveraging existing high-speed networks connecting research institutions and enterprises.
  • Sharing best practices in infrastructure deployment, service creation and delivery, application development, and R&D.

Six cities have shown initial interest in piloting US Ignite efforts, including Chattanooga, Cleveland, Lafayette, LA, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and cities throughout the Salt Lake City region. Additional cities can be GENI-enabled rapidly.