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Stop Trying to Apply Old Rules to New Networks


        By Joe Kochan  People who are arguing about broadband network policy using terms like “network neutrality” and “fast lanes” are missing the point.  And framing this debate only in terms of winners and losers is leaving out an important part of the discussion.  New networking technology is making it possible to … Continue reading

Join us for the 2014 Application Summit in Silicon Valley


What’s on your agenda this summer? We hope you’ll be at the US Ignite 2014 Application Summit from June 24-27 in Sunnyvale, CA!  We are excited to provide a forum once again and bring our community together to learn and showcase our work. Building off of last summer’s successful turnout, we have a great program … Continue reading

Recap of the 2014 US Ignite Application Summit: Demos, Panels, Keynotes, and More

  This year’s Application Summit (#appsummit14) was better than ever! We brought together our community for three days, where we experienced transformative applications, heard and participated in engaging panels and keynotes, and made numerous connections that will strengthen communities and teams across the country and around the world. This year’s Summit highlighted the growth of … Continue reading

Digitized Lives on the Internet of Immersive Experience: Three Reasons We Will Need Gigabit Bandwidth

  By Joe Kochan As mentioned in last week’s post, Mary Meeker’s annual “Bible” of Internet trends describes the growth of Internet bandwidth as “remaining robust” while Intel describes it as “staggering.” Whatever the terminology, experts across the industry are agreed that bandwidth needs will continue to grow at or near the current rates of … Continue reading

Four Exciting Hands-on Workshops Announced for US Ignite Application Summit

What are you doing this month? US Ignite is once again again hosting the Next-Generation Application Summit! This year’s event is being held June 24-27 in Silicon Valley and we have a great line-up scheduled.   The US Ignite Application Summit is the premier event for innovative developers, entrepreneurs, technology companies, forward- thinking communities, leading … Continue reading

Gigabit Community Fund Launched in Kansas City and Chattanooga

By Bill Wallace Last month Mozilla, in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and US Ignite, launched the Gigabit Community Fund in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Kansas City. The Fund will support a Hive community of teachers, nonprofit leaders, and technologists engaged in demonstrating how advanced networks can support teachers and improve student learning outcomes. … Continue reading

2 Million Square Foot Playroom

By Glenn Ricart The Fiber to the Home group led by Heather Gold put on an engaging and provocative session at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.  The topic was “The Future of Unlimited Bandwidth,” and anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about that, so I was pleased to … Continue reading

Hacking the Gigabit: Reflections on the US Ignite Gigabit Explorer Challenge

someone to write my essay Last month, US Ignite and Google Fiber co-hosted the Gigabit Explorer Challenge at the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City.  The event was a great success, with 14 teams and over 50 participants coding from the early morning well into the night over the weekend.  The event culminated with an exciting demonstration session, with all of … Continue reading

Supercomputing ’13 in Denver

              by Glenn Ricart US Ignite and Extreme Networks presented a standing-room only session in Denver this week on the subject of Software-Defined Networks and Big Data.  John Fryar of Extreme Networks and Glenn Ricart of US Ignite hosted the session and gave presentations. SDN and Big Data are … Continue reading