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Lafayette, LA Story

100 years ago, Lafayette recognized that electricity was the critical infrastructure of the 20th century.

90 years later, Lafayette realized that in the 21st century, it was going to be fiber.

Enter FiberFete, a two-day conference in 2010 that brought together 75 experts from around the world to meet with 75 local leaders on how the city could use fiber infrastructure. Google and Cisco were just some of the industry leaders at the event.

The conference inspired some local partners to come together to create FiberCorps, a non-profit dedicated to driving economic development through fiber in Lafayette. FiberCorps connects people to facilitate ideas for projects and building coalitions to support these projects.

One example of this was the first annual Cajun Code Fest, a two-day coding competition focused on enabling better healthcare outcomes through applications that leverage healthcare data. The event was led by the Center for Business and Information Technology at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and supported by FiberCorps. Some of the event’s sponsors included Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, TEDMED, and Northrop Grumman. There were over 100 developers from 29 cities, 9 states, and 2 countries coming together to compete for a $25,000 prize.