NOVEMBER 1–3 Eventbrite - Gigabit Explorer Challenge KANSAS CITY

“In the 1970s, many doubted there were uses for even 50-kilobit-per-second Internet. But soon application explorers came up with remote login, file transfer, and email. Pioneers have since found new worlds in publishing, commerce and social interactivity. Today, while investing in gigabit generations of Internet, we are again sending out our application explorers.”

- Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet Inventor

What Can You Do With a Gig?

US Ignite, KC Digital Drive, Mozilla and Google Fiber are answering that question today, and want you to join us as an application explorer

The US Ignite/Google Fiber Gigabit Explorer Challenge is your chance to partner with Google Fiber, KC Digital Drive, Mozilla, and US Ignite to define the future of the Internet of Immersive Experience. We’re bringing together the ultra- fast Google Fiber network in Kansas City with the emerging capabilities of SDN and local cloud to open new frontiers for you to explore what’s possible when you have all the computing power you need locally available and you can program everything at 100 times today’s speeds? Maybe you have an idea for apps that:

These are a new breed of apps and we are looking for a new kind of thinker - a “Gigabit thinker” - an explorer who no longer thinks about constraints but rather what’s possible.

The Event

This is not just another “what can you do in a 48-hour challenge”

The work begins long before the coding weekend so our time together can focus on what matters…the app. We also want to keep the event small – we are targeting 8-10 participating teams. This way, we can give each team the attention they deserve. We’ll be with you every step of the way and once the weekend is over we’ll be following-up to make sure development continues.

When you arrive in Kansas City for our weekend together there will be a Friday night kick off and then, teams will spend most of the weekend doing hands-on coding sprint designing, building, and testing. By Sunday afternoon, teams will pitch their apps to a panel of judges from Google Fiber, US Ignite and others to showcase why your app is revolutionary. Then we’ll celebrate your collective achievements and even make some awards!

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Gigabit Thinkers Apply Here

To see a listing of a listing of teams click here. If you think your skill set would benefit one of the teams, and help showcase the benefits of advanced networking, please take a minute to fill out the form below.

“The introduction of gigabit networks will be as different from our current experience as the world was before electricity and afterwards; before telephone and afterwards. Before the Internet, and afterwards.” - Susan Crawford, US Ignite Application Summit

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