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Chattanooga Story

The following video: “Entrepreneurs in the Gig City” demonstrates how businesses are being recruited, catalyzed, and cultivated as a result of Chattanooga’s next-generation broadband network:

Chattanooga, Tennessee – a city once best known for its air pollution – is now a place where young people are moving back after going off to college because of the entrepreneurial opportunities that the city has created. It’s vibrant, creative, and new startups are moving there in droves.

This summer, the city’s “Geek Hunt” is bringing top entrepreneurs from around the world to build new applications in the city’s first “Gig Tank.

Some of the city’s other highlights include:

  • Local utility EPB has deployed fiber network and smart meters across 170,000 homes.
  • The Chattanooga Aquarium connects school children to STEM education opportunities nationally through the city’s high-speed networks.
  • Beyond startups, new jobs are being created across the board with companies like Volkswagen and setting up shop in the city, resulting in over 3,700 new jobs over the past 3 years due in large part due to its investment in broadband infrastructure.

SimCenter Chattanooga is also of particular note, as it is building some of the most advanced applications for public safety and transportation in the world. It’s latest technology is able to provide incredible visuals of real-time data from sensors placed throughout a city, allowing municipal leaders to make highly-informed and immediate decisions in the wake of a disaster or simply during a particularly grueling rush hour. Here is a fantastic video about their work:

Things weren’t always this great in Chattanooga; it’s truly an extraordinary example of what an investment in the next-generation of broadband networks can do for a city. The best part is that much of their model can be replicated by others.