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Stop Trying to Apply Old Rules to New Networks


        By Joe Kochan  People who are arguing about broadband network policy using terms like “network neutrality” and “fast lanes” are missing the point.  And framing this debate only in terms of winners and losers is leaving out an important part of the discussion.  New networking technology is making it possible to … Continue reading

Join us for the 2014 Application Summit in Silicon Valley


What’s on your agenda this summer? We hope you’ll be at the US Ignite 2014 Application Summit from June 24-27 in Sunnyvale, CA!  We are excited to provide a forum once again and bring our community together to learn and showcase our work. Building off of last summer’s successful turnout, we have a great program … Continue reading

Changing and Saving Lives with Next-Gen Healthcare Apps

Allowing seniors to age in place, helping caregivers monitor chronic conditions, and combating obesity.  These are just a few of the tough healthcare issues that are being tackled using next-generation applications. During US Ignite’s recent Application Summit, we were able to hear directly from teams working on these pressing healthcare issues and learn how next-generation … Continue reading

Internet2 Announces Innovative Application Award Winners at App Summit

Yesterday was a big day, with award announcements from US Ignite, Mozilla Ignite, and Internet 2! Internet 2's President and CEO, H. David Lambert, announced the award winners at the Application Summit yesterday.  “Congratulations to these innovators. They earned the opportunity to pioneer a new breed of applications leveraging the most sophisticated network platform available today – … Continue reading

You’ve Waited and Waited… Here are the Mozilla Ignite Challenge Winners!

Looking for next-generation applications that take advantage of cutting edge technologies like software defined networks, local cloud computing and gigabit to end-user?  Look no further than the 22 winners of the final round of the Mozilla Ignite Challenge, the premier innovation challenge hosted by Mozilla and the National Science Foundation as part of the US Ignite … Continue reading

US Ignite Reports from “Hacking the Gigabit City” in Kanas City

By Glenn Ricart

Late last month I was a part of an intensive and productive Mozilla-Ignite Hackathon at the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City. Fourteen teams competed and their members seemed split almost evenly between Kansas City and hackers from across America (and Canada) who either came for the hacking or for the “legit barbeque.” (And the barbeque was very good!) Continue reading

IgniteCamp “Imagining What’s Possible” in San Leandro, CA

By Glenn Ricart

US Ignite held its first BarCamp for developers earlier this month in San Leandro – one of our most recent communities to join US Ignite. With more than sixty attendees of many backgrounds (including about seven students) we became the organizers, the speakers, the panelists, the audience and the quality control for IgniteCamp 2013. Continue reading

Networking the Future North Carolina

We were excited to engage in our first co-hosted event, “Networking the Future North Carolina” this week. The event was attended by over 100 local and national leaders from the private sector, government and higher education, and Extreme's other partners, the North Carolina Technology Association, and MCNC. They all came together to share “expert insight and … Continue reading

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