Application Summit

US Ignite Application Summit

June 24-27, 2014 Silicon Valley, CA

Join us for this year’s US Ignite Application Summit in Silicon Valley, hosted on the campus of our partner Juniper Networks. We will bring together the top minds in next-generation technology and show you the future of the Internet.

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Live next-generation Demonstrations

Join us at the Application Summit and see how next-gen demos are transforming how we live, work, learn and play.



Keynotes and Tech Talks

Engaging keynotes and tech talks by technology visionaries who are helping to define the future of the Internet. By joining us at the Application Summit, you will learn where the next-gen community is headed this year and beyond.



Hands-on Learning

New to the 2014 Summit are four exciting hands-on workshops! The workshops will be led by technology experts and will give you the chance to explore technologies like SDN, Paradrop, OpenFlow, and the US Ignite Application Engine.


Host Partner

We are delighted to have our Board Member Mike Marcellin and his team host the Summit at the Juniper Aspiration Dome.